S.I.D.E. started in the end of 2004,
with Kenneth on drums, Brian on guitar and Kenny
on bass. The band called themselves "Ord-Leg",
and made a lot of songs, in both english and danish.
The band was not that serious. It was all about
having fun and that they certainly did.
The only songs still in the set today are
Fucked Up Band and Boring Story. The latter was called
True Story back then.

In the summer of 2005 Janus jumped into the band as
leadsinger and the band started getting serious.
He learned the old tunes and the band got rid op the danish lyrics.
They changed the name to Strange Illusions Danish Experiments
and made the track Walt Wonderland together.
Time went by and a bunch of songs were composed and dropped again.

In january 2006 Morten was flushed into the band with an extra guitar
and now things started to move forward.
The new lineup created Fucked Up Song, Female Deity,
The Night and a lot more. Unfortunately bassist Kenny
started losing out on rehearsals due to different,
personal reasons and after 4 or 5 months of waiting
we were more or less stagnated and started searching for alternatives.

We met up with Carsten and had an instant chemistry with him.
After rehearsing with him for a couple of times, we decided
to give Kenny the farewell-notice. Not an easy choice,
since Kenny is a great pal and a good friend of ours.
Now entering june, Carsten was a full member of the band.

The name of the band was now reduced to the more tounge-friendly "S.I.D.E"
Carsten was quick to learn the old songs and soon
we started on some new material. Dear King
quickly came around and we now have a good 20 songs or so
just waiting to get finished.

This biography will be updated as time goes by.